About Jeannette Samplonius

Implementation to execution, that’s what Jeannette’s career path – originally as an attorney – has always embodied. She was with the ING group from 1992 where she handled “big ticket asset-based” lease financing, and then went on to become the Vice-President of Loan Syndications where she dealt with the syndication of International Project Financing (focusing on telecommunications – satellite and mobile telephony – and media sectors). Here she gained commercial and financial experience on an international scale.
In 2003, a more people-oriented career path followed: As Head Hunter at Financial Assets Executive Search. In this role she gradually became increasingly interested in the “softer” side of people in business.

Project Manager

With vigorous energy, Jeannette focuses primarily on engaging with, and maintaining, personal relationships and networks. Being result-orientated is a useful asset, as it drives her to contribute to positive and innovative working environments by developing and changing people, as well as bringing businesses together effectively and quickly. Jeannette is the ultimate project manager. Her success stems from the human point of view. She is married and has two daughters.