‘What started out as a coaching session, resulted in a new organization’

Marcel Cappetti, Operational Director of a large IT company, faced a challenge that often occurs in sales organizations. His team consistently achieved the goals, but seemed capable of so much more. How could the Director Operations of a large IT company get to that potential?

“As Director I faced a challenge which frequently occurs with Sales teams. We as a team consistently achieved our results every quarter (despite significant pressure around competition and price erosion) yet common belief was that results were not maximized. Some individual account managers over-performed, others under-performed but on average we achieved our group target. Typical management styles included individual coaching, hiring/firing, and setting clear sales objectives for individuals and teams. Yet after several years of consistent Sales track record I looked out for a different approach to capture the full potential of my team and tried something radically differently.”

Insight about my added value

“I approached Top Executive Care first for individual (Executive) coaching. We performed AEM cube assessment combined with EQ test. It gave me some thorough insight into my own strengths and weaknesses, and clearly described where I am adding value and what this means for me working in a team and organizational setting. I shared the results with my team and received some very valuable feedback. This let me decide to set-up a group session with TEC with all members of the team. All team members (including Sales, Engineering, Services and all supporting functions) had to complete the same assessments ahead of the kick-off session.”

The diversity of our team in one overview

“In the first team session leaded by Marc Pennartz (TEC) we went through the concept of AEM cube, which gave everyone a good understanding of methodology, and created a healthy dialogue around individual preferences and our performance as a team. Particularly the S-curve methodology was useful. We could see the diversity of our team plotted in one overview. Some insights were inevitable linked to current job roles but other insights where new to everyone. As a group we felt a strong desire to further investigate the AEM concept with a goal to better function as a team.”

The team’s mission

“In the next session directed by Marc Pennartz and Jirko Bilik (TEC) we focused on defining our team vision, in short the ‘why’. Why are we working here, what do we want to achieve and how do we want to be perceived by our customers? We came up with a clear goal which was created with full consensus by the team. A goal which was formally captured as our new mission heading into our next fiscal year.”

Four competencies that matter most

“In the last session we came up with four key competencies which we felt where most needed to deliver on our mission. It took us one afternoon to go through all suggested competencies and then decide on which ones matter most. This prioritization exercise was particularly meaningful cause it created good dialogue around what drives high-performance teams.”

A new organizational structure

“After the final report-out my management team took the results of all AEM cubes, combined with the ‘why’ mission and four key competencies and came up with a new organizational structure. We created completely new teams based on individual position on S-curve. We also looked at our customer base and linked the two together.”

Accounts based on mindset

“For an innovative customer we identified specific individuals with startup/innovation mindset while other -more traditional customers- where assigned different individuals. We also created a set of top accounts where team felt we could more proactively drive our new mission around transformation. This new concept was later branded as our Strategic & Transformational Account Relationship (STAR) program. We also defined ‘sponsors’ for our key competencies, few individuals who could help mentor and accelerate the transition in our team.”

“In summary, what started with an individual coaching exercise, resulted in a completely new organization with new goals, updated organizational structure, and a new sales program centred around our most innovative customers. Thanks to efforts of the TEC team, we are now ready for our next level around team performance which hopefully will help us unlock the full potential from our team with accelerated business growth.”

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