Leadership Agility Coaching

Top-down delegation is a thing of the past. Where leaders were previously selected based on a well-developed ‘Achiever and Expert’ profile, a different approach is now required. Organizations and teams must be self-managing, flexible and strategically adept in order to stay competitive and make use of every opportunity.
That’s why these days companies are looking for leaders with a strong ‘Catalyst profile’. Because change has become the norm, an Agile leader has now also become the norm.
Sound familiar? Ask yourself these questions:

Am I truly Agile? Is my capacity to change adequate?
Am I authentic? Do I inspire trust? Can I let go? Do I provide direction or do I mainly manage? Am I sufficiently inspirational? Is my style sufficiently inviting and challenging? Do I make use of diversity? Do I make the most of my people’s talent and allow them to develop further? Do I create synergy?

And also: Am I exhausting myself? Am I being true to myself and my loved ones? Am I sufficiently committed? And actually: “What’s in it for me?” Is give and take in balance?

We will help you find an authentic answer to all of these questions, and we encourage you to further broaden your leadership style and behavioural pattern to act on in future. That’s Leadership Agility Coaching. An honest and very personal process focused on “getting out what’s inside of you”.
Top Executive Care has many years of experience in leadership development. Our coaches have been at the coalface themselves and understand the context and complexity of the demands and needs of the people they coach.


Our Leadership Agility Coaching Program is customised and clear and contains the following steps:

  • Individual conversations (6-10) with a Top Executive Care coach
  • Bar-on EQ analysis (emotional intelligence)
  • AEM-cube analysis
  • Leadership style analysis
  • Optional: Lifo, 360-degree, Big 5 analyses.
  • Optional: Check-up and Physical Condition Assessment
  • Optional: Career counselling

Choose Leadership Agility Coaching

Maximise your adaptability and flexibility. Take action and develop your skills and ambitions. Choose a style that suits you and that’s in tune with your “new reality”. Discover the principles of Agility. Manage a company that does not drag its heels when it comes to continuous change, but rather embraces change and benefits from it.

Want to learn more and get in touch with a Top Executive Coach? Make an appointment with marcpennartz@topexecutivecare.nl.