Personal Agility Coaching

You are probably constantly challenged in your working environment. Sometimes you may even trip over yourself. How do you deal with collaboration, conflicts, offering leadership, keeping the balance between work and your private life, career planning and your ambitions? In short, how agile are you?

Every person wants to grow within themselves. That’s a given. But sometimes things don’t quite work out as planned. You begin to lose your direction, feel less confident, exhausted, and doubt the decisions you have made. And sometimes an acceleration in your own development/seniority or a quick personal or strategic decision is required from you.

In such moments, professional support is the answer. Someone from the outside who can act as a guide or counsellor, someone who can hold up a mirror to what’s going on in your life. A top, results-oriented coach can increase your self-awareness, thus accelerating your personal growth.

With Personal Agility Coaching, we create a situation where your changing needs become clear and where we allow you to “let go” and discover what adaptability, flexibility and personal growth can mean. This holds benefits not just for you but also for those close to you – colleagues, teammates and even your organisation. It’s an authentic and personal process aimed at “giving everything you’ve got” and literally evolving. Seeing people become flexible and vibrant as a consequence is a beautiful thing indeed.

It is said that “you are what you are and you’ll never change”.

At Top Executive Care we see things differently: “You are everything that’s inside of you and what comes out of you.” Those who are open to it, can learn from themselves and from others, each and every day. It’s what makes you flexible. It’s what makes you Agile. Top Executive Care are focused on your personal growth, an evolution that is fully consistent with your needs and ambitions.


Our Personal Agility Coaching Program is customised and clear and consists of the following steps:

  • Individual conversations (6-10) with a Top Executive Care coach
  • Bar-on EQ analysis (emotional intelligence)
  • AEM-cube analysis
  • Optional: Lifo, 360-degree, Big 5 analyses.
  • Optional: Check-up and Physical Condition Assessment
  • Optional: Career counselling

Choose Personal Agility Coaching

Maximise your flexibility and make sure you keep track of the different phases in your life and career. Choose our Personal Agility Coaching program.

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