Team Agility Coaching

Our coaches come across companies with regular teams who are carefully put together for a specific and recurring business issue. Since 2015, the requirements of customers are changing almost monthly, if not daily. But your team has mainly remained the same. Sound familiar? Ask yourself these questions:

Does your team have enough strategic flexibility? Is it sufficiently adaptable to answer new customer questions quickly and effectively? Can each team member respond to this individually? Is there still a team left at all? Is it able to innovate? Does the team work proactively or reactively? Is your vision and your goals clear? Are you getting the most out of your existing team?

AEM-Cube as the starting point

With the AEM-Cube assessment method, we are able to create an ‘x-ray’ of your team. This scientifically sound and validated ‘state of the art’ method makes it clear in what phase of organisational development the team is currently in. This also goes for the organisation the team belongs to. In addition, it gives insight into which sub-objectives each team member usually contributes to. It will also become clear which individual and team-level make any change possible.
By drawing upon talent, and deploying it at the right time and in the right conditions, and with the right people, it will always lead to successful growth and development.

Team Agility Coaching is a program that gives team members an insight into themselves, their place within the team, and the drivers of the team members. It is our belief that these insights lead to new behavioural patterns. New behaviour that provides more flexibility, self-reliance, external focus and agility – qualities that are essential in a world that is constantly changing ever more rapidly.

The Top Executive Care program

Top Executive Care creates ‘winning teams’. This program focuses on people, their individual roles, the tasks, and the context in which the entire team needs to operate. Our coaches will enable all team members to understand each other better. We will identify any differences, irritations and conflicts and let the team members resolve these themselves. We emphasize the power of mutual diversity and make sure that this is optimally utilized. Is there a good mix of innovators, doers and overseers in the team? Concrete agreements will be made regarding any lacking strengths or qualities.
This creates synergy and develops a team that enjoys working together and achieves more tangible goals in a shorter period of time.

An Agile team is a team that operates vigorously and autonomously. It’s a team that’s clear about what it has to offer, what it needs from other stakeholders, and it knows its own limits. Agile teams engage in successful and constructive dialogue with each other, with management, with other teams and with the customer.

Five steps

Our Team Agility Coaching program contains five steps:

  1. With the AEM-Cube method, we create an “x-ray” of the team.
  2. We conduct individual conversations and analyse all team members individually.
  3. We organise a result-oriented, inspiring and enjoyable one-on-one two-day workshop with the entire team.
  4. Periodic refresher days are scheduled: 1-measurement, 2-measurement etc.
  5. We provide additional individual coaching (if necessary).

Choose Team Agility Coaching

With our programs, you develop agile and even more focused synergistic teams that enjoy working together.

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