About Marc Pennartz

“Insight leads to development.”
Physician and entrepreneur – do the two really go together? Marc Pennartz’s career trajectory proves that they can and do. After his medical studies, Marc worked for several years as a medical assistant at the Antonie van Leeuwen Hospital, and as Medical Advisor at the EuroCross International Emergency Center. In 1991, he became a partner at Medisch Consult. The entrepreneur in him developed Medisch Consult into the first privatised Health & Safety Service in the Netherlands. In 2000, Marc specialized as a company doctor. After that, he evolved into a “physician for vitality”. To this day he remains interested in, and fascinated by, humans and their behaviour in terms of health.

Executive Coach

In addition to being the director/owner of Medisch Consult, Marc is also the Managing Partner of Top Executive Care. He focuses on the relationship between leadership, vitality and the personal performance of senior executives in professional organisations. He is also an expert in the field of burnout in professionals and senior executives.
His knowledge, experience, intuitive strength, and especially his human-oriented approach, are key to a positive influence that leads to lasting and sustainable results. “Direction-orientated, in balance and in touch with others, and active in (working) life”. He achieves this at both individual and team level.

About Jirko Bilík

“Change begins with yourself”

Jirko has held key positions in Human Resource Management and Management Development in a major international bank. As a result, he gained a wealth of experience in all phases of personal and career development, including young professionals to senior executives.
He owns an international consulting practice and networks with a wide variety of (family own) companies as well as intermediaries. He is trained in the economic-legal field and in human resources, which includes the Advanced Human Resource Executive Program at the University of Michigan. He is proficient in various career tools and assessments.

Executive Coach

Jirko finds that professionals who have the opportunity to reassess their lives on a basic level need an independent sparring partner.
Years ago, he found himself in a similar transformation process, filled with ambition, new goals, and uncertainties – which enables him to share his vast expertise as entrepreneur and adviser with others.
He has a vibrant family which includes an active wife and five children with their own families. His busy life demands both physical and mental fitness. Sport, humour and relaxation provide a welcome relief.

About Jeannette Samplonius

Implementation to execution, that’s what Jeannette’s career path – originally as an attorney – has always embodied. She was with the ING group from 1992 where she handled “big ticket asset-based” lease financing, and then went on to become the Vice-President of Loan Syndications where she dealt with the syndication of International Project Financing (focusing on telecommunications – satellite and mobile telephony – and media sectors). Here she gained commercial and financial experience on an international scale.
In 2003, a more people-oriented career path followed: As Head Hunter at Financial Assets Executive Search. In this role she gradually became increasingly interested in the “softer” side of people in business.

Project Manager

With vigorous energy, Jeannette focuses primarily on engaging with, and maintaining, personal relationships and networks. Being result-orientated is a useful asset, as it drives her to contribute to positive and innovative working environments by developing and changing people, as well as bringing businesses together effectively and quickly. Jeannette is the ultimate project manager. Her success stems from the human point of view. She is married and has two daughters.